If you are tired of being skinny or weak, or if you need to add some mass to improve sport performance, or even if you just want to get massive for no reason at all then this is the nutrition plan and training program for you. The "MASSIVE ACTION" program will guide you towards the most effective techniques for gaining lean body mass and identify the whole foods that are best for weight gain. You just might have some anabolic power sitting in your kitchen cupboards right now!

You will also learn what the best and most effective supplements are to use to meet your goal. Determine how long to use a particular supplement before "cycling it" or before moving on to the next supplement. Discover what supplement loading, depletion, and rebounding are and how they relate to gaining muscle mass. Finally, find out what the "scam" supplements are and why they won't help you gain weight but will only make you lighter in the wallet!

This nutritional program is not for beginners that want to add 2-3 pounds. If that is your goal, you can find all the answers in the "CB ATHLETIC" newsletter archives. However, if you want to put on 10, 15, or even 20 pounds of mass, or if you are an advanced natural trainer having an extreme difficulty adding that final 2-3 pounds of muscle, then order this program and you will not be disappointed.

Nutrition experts and guarantees of "10 lbs in 10 days" are a dime-a-dozen. So what makes these guidelines different from other programs based in science? Well, to be honest, not much. Most important, remember that they are based on scientific FACTS and the theories are steeped in physiology. "MASSIVE ACTION" was designed so that every variable is accounted for. Every meal, every supplement, and every workout is addressed in accordance with applicable nutrition principles.

Like any other successful and exclusive product, 20 lbs of muscle doesn't come cheap. The information provided herein is worth every penny and the info in this program is so valuable and precise that a price had to be placed on it. If you want a step-by-step, meal-by-meal, supplement-by-supplement, workout-by-workout outline, then go after "MASSIVE ACTION". For a limited time, the first 10 people to buy the program will receive it for only $50. After this however, the price will go up to $100. Furthermore, if you choose to purchase both MASSIVE ACTION and "GET LEAN!" then you will receive both programs for only $150! You will also receive free updates that make it a better program!

Please understand that MASSIVE ACTION does not contain guidelines from a medical professional and that everyone should have medical clearance before joining this program. This program is for individuals 18 years and older only. Contact CB at for details.

B.Kin, M.Sc., CSCS
McMaster University Strength and Conditioning Consultant


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