Introducing the STRENGTH manual!



Gaining strength is the most enjoyable reason for training. Training for STRENGTH is fun. No cardio is necessary and you don't need to go to exhaustion on every set.

CB ATHLETICS has been helping clients with maximal strength workouts for over one year. STRENGTH is a package of everything we've learned to help you get stronger. In addition to an extensive manual that will offer an entire year's worth of workouts (25 workouts in total!), the manual will contain these additional bonuses:



* An "INNER CIRCLE" dedicated to answering all of the emails of everyone that orders the Strength manual. Answers will be sent out in a group format.

* Above all, train smart and safe. If your current training program is not working, maybe you need to change it!

* Improve your squat, bench and deadlift by 50 lbs.

* Learn how to balance your workout split

* Learn the assistance exercises that will help your bench, squat and deadlift

* Your satisfaction on this unbelievable offer is guaranteed.

* You could spend twice the value of this manual on a week's supply of worthless supplements! But simply by reading the manual, you will know what works and doesn't work for gaining STRENGTH!

* STRENGTH is the workout-by-workout, exercise-by-exercise, set-by-set, rep-by-rep guideline for muscle growth and strength development.

* You will also receive free updates when program is improved!

* Contact for details on purchasing STRENGTH!

The recommendations provided are not medical guidelines but are provided solely for physical conditioning and body composition alteration. Please consult your doctor if you have any concerns prior to starting this program, if you have any concerns about the use of any nutritional supplement, or if you have any medical condition that contraindicates physical activity. This program is designed for individuals 18 years and older only..

NOTE: Practice perfect form at all times. Warm up thoroughly and train smart. Don't push through an injury and use common sense to back off when something doesn't feel right. Always use a spotter when lifting heavy weights. The STRENGTH manual is only for people that have been seriously training with weights for 1 year. Above all, train smart and safe. If your current training program is not working, maybe you need to change it!




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